Life From the Bottom – Day 1

A Burrito Envy Burrito plated and pictured with Hot Sause

Hey gang! Nick here again. Whelp! The tour is officially underway. After building up a full head of steam leading up, we finally released the pressure, hit the gas pedal, and pointed the van north towards Omaha. We were posted up in The Sydney with locals The Ramparts and Heatwaves, both of which are great dudes, and are more than deserving of your ‘likes’ or ‘follows’ or whatever you kids are doing these days. It was also Karl’s first show with us. Its always nice to come back to Nebraska, having made so many friends there over the years. We got to town early, and found an excellent parking spot (if you’ve ver been to the Benson neighborhood, you know the struggle). We hung out at the Sydney until it was dinner time, checking emails, chatting, and relaxing. We met up with a few of our favorite people on the planet (shoutout to Mighty Mouse and Earl) and swung by Burrito Envy for an infant-sized… burrito. I named mine Deloris. If eating burritos were a game, we’d all be real winners.

Its really crazy how much Benson has grown up since I was last there. I remember when I lived in the area back in 2008, almost that entire downtown was closed for business, excluding a few notables. Now its full of interesting bars, awesome local shops, and really badass restaurants. I’m kind of proud of Omaha for bringing the whole area back to life. On top of it all, we’ve always had a great time at the Sydney; after all, the infamous corndog incident happened there. We’ve even got a picture on the wall to prove it! It is also becoming increasingly apparent that this blog is only about 30% band stuff, and 70% the inconsequential horseshit that rattles through my mind. Oh, and food. Maybe this will just become a food blog.

In a word, Omaha was fun. In a few words, Omaha was quite fun. After the show we hung around for an extra two hours shooting the shit with everyone. Lingering for the sake of not leaving isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We crashed out around 4am, which might be the latest I’ve stayed awake since the last tour. Prepare to be jet lagged. We’re heading to Fargo tomorrow, and we’re going to party with the dudes from Crab Legs, Pass the Flask, Baltic to Boardwalk, and like a million others at a house party. It’s going to be lit!

Until then, sleep well, fuckers.